'How to eat alone' is a cookery podcast and recipe blog which explores the uncelebrated art of eating alone.  Each episode is published alongside a recipe designed to be cooked and eaten by one person and one person only, because, let’s face it, most recipes are written with at least two people in mind.  Every recipe will be published just before episodes launch, so that those finding themselves alone can cook along and eat whilst listening - think of the podcast as your dining companion.  

This project began in 2020 when baker and food writer Julia Georgallis, found herself living alone during the Covid-19 pandemic. Fed up with ordering takeaways and making too much food for herself, she began concocting recipes which made just enough for one person and shared them on social media. Before she knew it, many others who were also locked down alone began to reach out and she ended up with a collection of stories of solitude as well as a mountain of recipes for one. Launched in April 2021, the 'How to eat alone' podcast aims to review the taboo subject of loneliness and also discusses the more positive aspects of being alone which include solitude and independence.

The graphics for this project have been designed by illustrator, Jess Hart.

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Little pod and recipe blog about being alone and eating alone. Loneliness and aloneness are not the same thing.


Julia Georgallis

Julia is a baker and food writer who went to art school. Based in London. Produces the 'How to eat alone' podcast.